The La Jolla Cardiovascular Research Institute (LJCVRI) under the direction of Dr. Robert Russo is dedicated to physician-initiated single and multi-center studies designed to improve patient care and directly impact clinical outcomes. This research effort which began in 1994 and moved to its present location in 2014 has involved collaboration with research scientists at more than 100 US clinical centers. Research efforts of the not-for-profit LJCVRI are funded through competitive grants, unrestricted educational grants, and philanthropic sources (see Giving). 

There are three fundamental types of medical research: (1) Basic science research which probes the basis of the biologic process and greatly improves our knowledge of biology in general and a disease process in particular. However, the findings from this type of research, even if it leads directly to drug development may not be implemented in clinical care for 10-20 years in most cases. (2) Pharmaceutical and device vendor/manufacturer research in its latter stages is performed for the purpose of gaining FDA approval for the marketing of a product. This type of multi-million or in some cases billion dollar research is designed, funded, and conducted by industry. These studies must have a very high likelihood of demonstrating a favorable result for the manufacturer’s product for the effort and expense to be undertaken. Keep in mind that it is believed that approximately 75-90% of national professional society treatment guidelines in cardiology (American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology) are based upon the results of pharmaceutical and device industry research. (3) Physician-initiated or investigator-initiated clinical research is designed, conducted, funded, and published by a physician-scientist. This type of research is performed for the purpose of improving patient care and clinical outcomes using available or approved medications, medical devices, or treatment strategies. The results of physician-initiated research, if favorable, may be implemented immediately. In addition, negative results are also reported which may not be true of industry-initiated studies.


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